The disciplinary jury of the African Football Confederation composed of:

-osman yassin (Djibouti)

– Youssouf Ali djae (Comoros)

– Issa Sama (Burkina Faso)

And Miss Sarah El adawy disciplinary coordinator of CAF

sat on January 30, 2020 at its meeting held in Laâyoune the jury examined all the documents relating to the withdrawal of Mauritius from the AFCON futsal 2020.

Indeed on January 28, 2020 the Mauritian federation sent a letter to CAF declaring its withdrawal from AFCON FUTSAL 2020.

  The Mauritian national team played their first match in the framework of AFCON FUTSAL 2020 but they are not yet known for the second match which took place on January 30, 2020.

  Considering the statutes of CAF

Considering the regulation of the futsal can in its article 74

The CAF disciplinary jury decided:

– Impose a fine of $ 75,000 (sixty fifteen thousand US dollars) on the Mauritian football federation since the Mauritian football federation has declared the withdrawal of its team in full competition.

– To suspend the Mauritian football federation for the next two editions of the CAN of futsal.

The fine must be paid in dollars within sixty (60) days of notification of this decision.

The Mauritian football federation has the right to attack this decision before the CAF appeal jury, of course if it wants it to state its intention to do so within 3 days.

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