Cairo, Monday March 2, 2020


The Secretary General of the African Football Confederation
presents his resignation

Mr. Mouad Hajji, Secretary General, today submitted his resignation to the President of the African Football Confederation, which is accepted. An emergency committee will be convened by the President to appoint an Acting Secretary General.

Explaining his will on personal grounds, and indicating the duty to return to Morocco as soon as possible, Mr. Mouad Hajji asked that his notice of departure be shortened, a request which the President acceded to.

According to the rules of the Institution, the resignation, as well as the appointment, must be submitted to the members of the Executive Committee. The president of the African Football Confederation has announced that an emergency committee will be convened as soon as possible to appoint an acting secretary general.

Mr. Ahmad Ahmad, President of CAF, expresses his gratitude to Mr. Mouad Hajji, whose work has been invaluable in driving the reforms of the institution as of African football since his appointment. He would like to salute a committed employee, loyal and above all passionate about football, and wish him every success in the rest of his career.

Statement by Mr. Mouad Hajji: “I would like to warmly thank President Ahmad Ahmad for giving me the opportunity to serve the football of our continent at such a level of responsibility. The numerous reforms initiated on the sports and administrative plans since 2017 continue a project in which I believe, and which I still support. I have no doubt that the President wishes to work for the good development of the most beautiful sport there is. ”

Mr. Mouad Hajji was appointed Secretary General of the African Football Confederation on April 11, 2019.

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