After all the rumors about a possible cancellation of the CHAN which will take place from April 4 to 25, 2020 because of COVID-19, at the African Football Confederation the tendency is more towards the maintenance of the competition according to certain information “The CAF is ready and the Cameroonian state is ready too. Measures have been taken from two sides. As for obtaining a visa you need a medical certificate “

Despite the various letters received by the general secretariat of the caf concerning the cancellation of domestic championships and federations which cancel the preparations for the competition.

Circular No.136 (Postponement of Football Matches).pdf.pdf.pdf

Communiqué N°0894 FEGAFOOT.pdf.pdf.pdfFRMF-CAF-15mars.pdf.pdf

A big meeting by Wednesday with the Cameroonian authority and the stakeholder of the WHO and the CAF is announced and A medical inspection visit returns to Cairo tomorrow Tuesday after a week in Cameroon as we announced in our previous publications.

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