Today 02 February 2020 the meeting of the executive committee of the African Football Confederation was held in salt near flap and the main resolutions are:

The end of the 6-month mission by FIFA Secretary General Fatma Samoura.

The African Football Confederation will work with FIFA through an ad hoc committee created yesterday by the President of the African Football Confederation on the following areas:


The first part will see the creation of a group of professional referees, funded and organized by FIFA in association with CAF. “The referees must be above reproach and to do so, we must protect them,” said the FIFA President. “We will take a group of 20 African FIFA referees among the best, support them towards professionalization and offer them professional contracts, for an indefinite period. They are the guarantors of the rules of the game; it’s up to us to support them and allow them to be completely independent. ”


The development of competitions and infrastructures
Finally, FIFA wishes to turn to new initiatives to encourage the development of competitions: creation of a world championship of nations for women’s football, accelerating the pace of world youth competitions, creation of new categories of young people.

The executive committee meeting was stormy and fruitful with the main information being that of the departure of the FIFA general secretary

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