FIFA president Gianni Infantino spoke at a meeting organized by the AIPS world in Budapest at the congress of this journalist association  “I want to see several African countries at the cutting edge of the world. Governance has some serious problems in Africa that we want to fix that “on a question about the administration of the African Football Confederation” This must change in internal governance in Africa. How to manage cash. “

“I hope CAF has realized I will be tough on corruption. There is hope in Africa. We will pay the arbitrators to avoid corruption. It’s not meddling but we want the best to be nominated and they will be paid by FIFA to avoid government influence. The arbitrator who does not deserve we will put him aside. “

“The millions of dollars we spend must not be in anyone’s pocket. We want to invest in Africa but not for a president but for a country for example the construction of Stadiums. Without the infrastructure without the stadiums how you can develop football. Appropriate stages are required. I have visited 44 countries in Africa but it is difficult. “

Regarding the competitions he briefly returned to the comments he made to salty a few days ago “Level competitions. In national team and clubs. In Africa things don’t happen like in Europe. We have to look ready. The CAN every 2 years because it helps to build stadiums and generated money when I can’t see. Maybe there is a reason for every 4 years that makes it more attractive instead of every 2 years. There are clubs which have the means by same in Iran or it is the teams themselves which pay all it is by what football generates money that is why I proposed a super league with 24 teams or the competition could generate more than $ 200 million. Africa exports more players to the world but not enough money. Why? It changes that “

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