By letter dated 12 May 2022, the Football Association of Zambia (“FAZ”) wrote to the
CAF Secretariat proposing to submit an item on the Agenda of the CAF General
Assembly Meeting to be held in Arusha, Tanzania on 10 August 2022 (the
Through the Proposal which is entitled “Restructuring of CAF Executive Committee”,

1. Seeks to make a presentation on how the CAF Executive Committee can be
restructured in a way that “…will see a reduction of members from the current
twenty five (25) to thirteen with two (2) members from the six (6) zones and
the president making an odd number.”
2. Proposes the urgent implementation of the proposed restructure in March
2023 by stating that “…it is extremely urgent that this cost reduction measure
be implemented…Implementation of these measures can be effected in March
2023 when six (6) executive committee members will be due for election.

The elections due in March 2023 can be frozen as part of the transitional
measures to implement the new structure of the proposed executive
3. Annexes a table (“Appendix 1”) summarizing the current composition of the
Executive Committee and FAZ’s proposed change.


CAF sought and obtained the advice of its internal and external lawyers who
reviewed the Proposal from the Football Association of Zambia for the
“Restructuring of CAF Executive Committee” and made the following findings based
on the advice of its lawyers:

1. The Proposal qualifies as a “proposa[l] for amendments to CAF Statutes”
within the meaning of Article 17(7)(n) of the CAF Statutes.
2. Indeed, it is clear the requested “implementation” would require the
amendments of Article 22 of the CAF Statutes.

3. Moreover, Appendix 1 to the Proposal unequivocally indicates how Article 22
of the CAF Statutes ought to be amended in order to implement the Proposal.

4. As such, in order to be “valid”, the Proposal should comply with the
requirements of Article 19(2) of the CAF Statutes which states as follows:
“Any proposal for amendments of Statutes by the Executive Committee or by
a member must be submitted in writing accompanied by a brief synopsis to
CAF Secretariat. Proposals submitted by members shall only be valid if they
are seconded in writing by at least two (2) other Members and accompanied
with a concise statement of motives.”

5. While the Proposal contains a “concise statement of motives” and the actual
amendment of the Statutes can be easily deduced from its Appendix 1, the
Proposal does not appear to be “seconded in writing by at least to (2) other
Member” Associations as required by Article 19(2) of the CAF Statutes.

6. The Proposal is therefore defective and invalid to the extent that it does not
conform with the above CAF statutory provision and as such omitted from the
Agenda of the Ordinary General Assembly to be held on 10 August 2022.

Finally, we would like to inform you that any defect or invalidity in a proposal to
amend the Statutes cannot be remedied or converted to a matter for discussion at
the ordinary general assembly under Article 17(8) of the CAF Statutes.
The aforementioned findings are also agreed to by the President of the Governance

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